Hold onto your hat when your close to the edge

by backpackingbongos

The tents had been pitched and there was a good couple of hours to sunrise.  Time for a quick ascent of Fan Gyhirych before getting back and lighting the stoves.  Towards the summit the horizon began to turn black but we were still bathed in golden sunlight.  All of a sudden the bleak plateau gave way to a steep drop and we had the world spread out beneath our feet.

Hopefully a full write up by the weekend.


11 Comments to “Hold onto your hat when your close to the edge”

  1. Thanks Graham, it is 6 stiched together!

  2. I wondered if it was a stitched panorama from the width and curved perspective. Nice work! The colours are great.

  3. Great shot, looks wild and calm at the same time! 🙂

  4. I will look forward to a read of a good trip report with my papers and coffee at the weekend then.

  5. Martin, whilst you’ve got your feet up on sunday with a coffee and the morning papers, spare a thought for those of us (probably in the rain) starting an 11 day hike.

    Why am I doing this again – please remind me?

    James, nicely stitched – Mrs M wants to know if you can take up a skirt of hers seeing as you’re so handy with a needle and thread…

  6. Graham, nature did all the work with regards to the colours. You do get a distinctive curve when stitching together though, the moutains on the right are a bit wonky too!

    Jamie it was a great moment although the storm did catch up with us a short while later.

    Martin I will do my best………………………..

    Maz, no problem just post it on over and I will erm see what I can do…………..
    You will have a great time hiking, thats why you are doing it innit? Look forward to the write up when you get back.

  7. I’ve used Microsoft’s ICE and had to retouch the results a few times afterwards where it got the seams a bit wrong 😦 I guess you really need a a panorama viewer to properly handle the cylindrical projection (Pity WordPress doesn’t support any though – I resorted to included them in scrollable panels instead). Here are a one or two of examples of mine showing the perspective.




  8. Graham I used panorama maker 4 which came free with my camera, seems to do the trick just load in the photos and it does the rest. A panorama viewer in wordpress would be a welcome addition. Some good examples you have there.

  9. Lovely pic James; you’ve got a great eye for an image.

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