Solitude or sloth?

by backpackingbongos

So much for heading into the Migneint wilderness for a spot of solitude!  I suddenly found that Sloth took over late on Friday and I could not be bothered to get my stuff together.  It also did not help that a nice sunny weather forecast turned into a windy and fairly wet one for Snowdonia.  Obviously I regret that I am not currently stomping the hills, but hey sometimes you need to just do nothing.  As a bonus my partner even suggested a day out in the Peak District tomorrow, that will be nice as Its been a few months since I visited the Peaks.  I do think that solitude may be lacking there though!  Still, late on Thursday night and I should be in the Black Mountains for a long weekend.

4 Comments to “Solitude or sloth?”

  1. with any luck, I will be in the black mountains this weekend or next for a quick overnighter….depends on the family

  2. James – I am not out this weekend either – as my wife had a operation on one of her discs in her back yesterday – so I am playing nurse for awhile ! I hope to get out fairly soon ( only just got back from a 2 week break – so can’t complain).


  3. I’ve been very lazy over the summer, but I’m hoping to be away soon. Taking it easy is not a crime!

  4. Maybe our paths will cross Dave?

    Mark, I think you be in the bad books if you did go away this weekend!

    I know what you mean Robin but as soon as I get a long weekend I start thinking of the hills and the further distance I can travel to get to them!

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