The friendly invasion of Eigg

by backpackingbongos

On Friday morning the Isle of Eigg in the Inner Hebrides is going to be invaded by 150 music fans.  Corrina and myself are going to be among them.  The Fife based fence collective are taking over the islands community hall to put on a very intimate music festival called the Away Game.  I am looking forward to spending the weekend on a small island with like minded people and get to watch some excellent bands.  There will be electronica all night Friday followed by some folky loveliness on the Saturday.  Sunday is for chilling and if the weather is good I will go climb a hill.  As a first for a festival the chartered ferry will be met by a tractor to transport peoples bags to the campsite next to the sea.  Sounds good to me.

It’s just a shame that it is a 1000 mile round trip to get to a two day festival!

8 Comments to “The friendly invasion of Eigg”

  1. 1000 miles well spent though! How are you getting there? There’s a warm billet in Glasgow should you need a stopover in either direction. Looking forward to the write up! Have fun.

  2. Fanks Pete. I am just about to send you an email in a minute. There should be loads of piccies and a write up when we get home. Unless it gets messy………….

  3. Oh wow, lucky you. I spent a month doing voluntary work on Eigg a few years ago and I love the island. You’d better go prepared for serious partying. At the annual ceilidh to celebrate the community buy-out, the bands played from 9pm to 5am,. We called it a night (day?) then and staggered home, but the disco started at 5am and went on till 9am. Then the next night many of the bands did impromptu jam sessions in the bar again till about 3am (or maybe later – we gave up then). Go, dance the night away and enjoy yourselves!

  4. My liver has been seriously damaged from epic treks on that remote island – the fact that it is a short distance between the beech and the alcohol serving area is irrelevant as the terrain can become unnavigable under certain meteorological conditions.

  5. Keith it looks like a lot of peoples livers were damaged this weekend!

  6. I guess there is inherent risks in every hobby – I tend to go all Hilaire Belloc with my gourd of wine in the Pyrenees but I am still standing – the trick is to accept the risks and yet accomplish the mission.

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