From the summit of An Sgurr (Isle of Eigg)

by backpackingbongos

It was a long journey yesterday from the Isle of Eigg back to Nottingham, the drive towards the end feeling like a computer game.  A really really boring one.  However all that travelling was worth it.  The festival was amazing whilst Eigg was simply stunning.  The sun shone and there was not a drop of rain.  It may take a little while to put up a post and photos, so in the meantime a quick 360 degree panorama video from the summit of An Sgurr.

5 Comments to “From the summit of An Sgurr (Isle of Eigg)”

  1. Been on top of An Sgurr myself in the same weather, stunning views, the view of Rum with those dropping cliffs and pointy mountains is incredible from there. Those long journeys are tedious but I always say its well worth it and on the way home I just think of what I’ve done. 🙂

  2. Looks a great spot – superb views. Great weather as well – unlike here in the East – it has been dire

  3. I’d say that An Sgurr looks like an excellent launchpad from which to contemplate all that the Small Isles have to offer the intrepid backpacking bongoist. Looking forward to tales of the Away Game. In your own time, of course.

  4. Jamie, stunning it most definately is! Must go to Rum one day, have you been?

    Unusually west was best last weekend Mark, makes a change to see the west coast in blazing sunshine.

    It’s on the way Mr Pete, the small Isle are smashing, sure that you would enjoy them.

    Cheers Graham!

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