Hedging my bets……..

by backpackingbongos

It rained all day Sunday here in Nottingham, that really insistent wet sort of rain.  It was with great pleasure that I spent the day in front of the computer playing around with Anquet maps.  I came up with a nice bank of weekend backpacks that I can just grab and go with short notice, no more planning needed.  That should come in handy this weekend as I am planning to backpack but can’t make up my mind where to go.  So therefore as usual I am going to play the weather lottery.  It will either be the Cheviots, the Lake District or Mid Wales, that should cover all geographic eventualities.  The area with the best weather forecast come Thursday night will get my vote.

It’s just a shame that I have developed the sniffles today and feeling decidedly ropey, hopefully it will pass by the end of the week.  Time to go downstairs to try and get some sympathy from my better half.  She had it last week but I am sure that my cold will be much much worse.  You have to be careful with man flu, it can be a killer………

6 Comments to “Hedging my bets……..”

  1. Good forward planning, James. Alex and Bob at blueskyscotland have this system where they check the weather last thing the evening before departure, then first thing again the next morning before they leave and then head for the sunny spot.


    They’ve pretty much succeeded in pulling off a year of rain free walking and general faffing around. They’ve a lovely post on Eigg from June 2010, which will have you wanting to go back. I hope the sniffle clears with the weather in time for the weekend. I must leave the house at some point also…

  2. It is my new system Pete, head for the best weather, although often it is still easy to get it wrong! They have got a fine blog, I will need to catch up on their posts and read the Eigg one. They do have the advantage of having the Highlands close by though.

    The sniffle is now a nasty hacking cough and a wheezy chest, still off out tomorrow to try and clear it. If still ill will wild camp and read my book!

  3. have a look at http://rockart.ncl.ac.uk/ If you are in the Cheviots. We will be at Routing Linn on Sunday. Amazing rock art and so little visited. The area above Wooler has many examples that stretch along the ridge for miles. It provides a nice reason for visiting obscure hills and a bit of a hunt as none are signed. All are special places to visit and show the links with Kilmartin Glen in Scotland and other sites.

    • Looks good Warren, I do like to visit the more obscure hills and that would give me even more reason. How was your trip on Sunday?

  4. Fantastic day on Sunday – will put a post up this evening. You must have a look at the sites on that link – they give a top 6 to visit which would make a great weekend – I would be up for that as well. There are examples down the country and the main UK place is Kilmartin Glen up here in Scotland.

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