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October 11, 2010

Will they ever get in right?

by backpackingbongos

There I was thinking that I was being clever.  Plan three backpacking routes and head for where the weather forecast was the best.  Actually it still is a great idea but only if the weather forecasters could manage to do their job with even the merest hint of accuracy.  Perhaps last weekend they tried the old-fashioned trick of nailing a piece of seaweed above the door but they failed miserably in coming anywhere close to accurate.  Surely they should manage to get it right for the next day?

I plumped for mid Wales last weekend as it was meant to be warm and sunny although a little windy.  Great for those distant vistas of rolling hills tumbling off into the distance.  Instead we got gales, low cloud, mist and a strange mizzle that wets you but not the ground.  Instead of distant views we ended up examining giant tussocks at very close quarters with the occasional lurch head first into their boggy folds.

Saying that it was a great wild backpack with the mass of humanity very much left at Llandovery.  A write up will be forthcoming soon ish.

I am just trying to work out why a very black bruise covers most of my thigh.  It’s weird as I can’t remember bashing it over the weekend, a bit worrying as I am not the bruising type.  Maybe a bruise update later in the week too, you need to keep these outdoor blogs interesting…….