A big fat mystery bruise

by backpackingbongos

A bit of an odd one this.  I got back from a weekend backpackpacking on Sunday night and whilst wandering round the house in my pants (as you do) my partner asked what I had done to my leg.  Nothing as far as I am aware apart from giving them a good work out.  The weird thing is that the bruise on my leg is getting a bit more colourful and 4 days later is still there.  I very rarely bruise and I can’t remember bashing it and it does not hurt.  A trip to the docs tomorrow me thinks.

6 Comments to “A big fat mystery bruise”

  1. Fantastic! Bite, maybe? Looks a bit like a squash ball bruise too. Can’t wait for the diagnosis!

  2. Don’t reckon it’d be a tick as infected bites go red rather than bruise, apparently. Still, worth mentioning to the Doc that you’ve been rummaging around in the land of ticks and clegs. Good luck!

  3. That looks as if you’ve seriously clobbered your leg one. But as you’d remember such an event it’s very odd. I look forward to finding out how this came about. It’s very intriguing.

  4. Bubonic plague. There’s no doubt! ;o)

  5. Hopefully all will be reveiled later on today. It will probbably be the case of go to the doctors be told, “thats a bruise” and go home again feeling a bit silly! Plague may get me a week off work?

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