Now that is what I call windy!

by backpackingbongos

If you live in Buxton you may want to batten down the hatches on Wednesday as Metcheck says it is going to be wild, very wild…………….

9 Comments to “Now that is what I call windy!”

  1. LOL

    a wee bit too much for a tent to deal with methinks 😀

  2. I’m off to Buxton with my stunt kite!

  3. also Brecon seems to be in for a breezt session 😮

  4. I like the interface on Metcheck, but it does rather tend to have some fantasy forecasts some of the time.

  5. A similar thing was predicted by MetCheck for my recent Lakes visit, so I cross checked with the Met Office and MWIS. Fortunately, the predicted wind speeds were a lot lower. Forecasts by MetCheck have an alarming propensity to change from extremes frequently.

  6. I don’t use Metcheck anymore – never seems to be accurate. I use Meteo Blue and the MWIS.

  7. MWIS for me. Although even they get it wrong with alarming regularity.

  8. Wow! LOL

    You should call the tent manufacturers to come and test their tents! 😉

  9. But could you imagine if they had got it right and Buxton gets blown away………………………………
    Still it looks like Metcheck forecasts don’t have much human input!

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