Experiencing summer and winter in 24hrs

by backpackingbongos

Last night we were walking across rugged moorland in quickly fading light, breath rising in the cold air.  Banks of cloud rolling across the high hills enveloping us every now in damp misty drizzle.  Head torches on trying to find a way through the bogs to where we would pitch for the night.  Tents pitched in darkness, desperate for warm food.  Waking up at 4.00am needing to pee and finding that my tent is frozen solid and ice is floating in my water bottle.  Morning comes and you sit up to receive a condensation shower.  A few hours later removing layers in the intense sunshine, returning back to the car park full of picnicking day trippers enjoying the autumn warmth.

Was it winter or summer this weekend?

Our high moorland camp at dawn this morning, a write-up in the week.

6 Comments to “Experiencing summer and winter in 24hrs”

  1. In New Zealand we were warned about 4 seasons in a day – they were not wrong. sounds like you got a bit of that…

  2. What about yer bruise?

  3. Arr the mystery of the bruise. Guess what the Doc said it is? Yes a bruise and I felt silly for going. He said that I am allowed one or two mystery bruises. Just one and he is not worried. Still it was a bruise to be proud of!

  4. Nice one – a bruisingly good trip. Did you get a sick note?
    Time to put cramps and axe in your day sack?

    • No sick note I’m afraid Martin, I think the doc may have told me to get lost if I asked for one! Not quite ice axe weather yet!

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