Isle of Eigg Away game – a superb video presentation

by backpackingbongos

You may have gathered from my ramblings over the last month that I had a simply superb time on the Isle of Eigg.  This week I found a gem of a video summing up the music and scenery from the festival in two minutes.  Fantastic.

14 Comments to “Isle of Eigg Away game – a superb video presentation”

  1. Wow! Deeply, deeply lovely. Great tune too. Didn’t spot yourself amid the mellow/jolly throng, though. No better advert for the Away Game, though i suppose advertising is the very last thing it needs. did you see the article about the AG in the Grauniad the other weekend?

  2. What an incredible little piece of footage. I really enjoyed that and its at times like this I wish I had some creative skills like that!

  3. Pete, it’s stunning. I did get one second of fame in the video at 1m 13s, man with shaved head on a mountain with a guy walking past, just after the trig point shot. It was a good article in the Guardiad. Just about to buy the album off t’internet by the band who provided the soundtrack, Kid Canaveral they be.

    Marcus, I wish I did too!

  4. There you are, of course! What did you say to the other guy to frighten him off like that? The Kid Canaveral tune makes me feel all dewy-eyed; think I’ll have to check the album out too…

  5. great stuff, looks a fantastic bijou festival – absolutely the best kind

  6. Is the series ” making Scotland’s landscape” showing on Sunday evenings down there? If not, track down at least episode 2 on the iPlayer asI think you would all love it and that episode features Eigg

    • Thanks for the up there Warren. I have found it on iplayer and it is there for a few more weeks. Do you know when the adventure show is on again? We miss out on all the outdoorsy stuff on BBC Scotland, thankfully iplayer is there for catch up now!

      • Adventure show is on tomorrow evening at 7 ( 2 nov ) If you have some form of digital tv can you not get BBC Scotland?

      • Warren I have now found BBC Scotland on my Virgin box thingy. No wonder I had not found it before as it was channel 835! It says that the one show is on tonight at 7pm though.

  7. Well that would be BBC1 Scotland whilst over on BBC2 Scotland is the adventure show

  8. Bit of a cheat as I live in Scotland. It is a great programme and worth a bit of bother to find. You can always buy Camerons bit which is packaged as a DVD and available from his web site. Good luck James

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