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November 8, 2010

I’m on the Challenge

by backpackingbongos

Whilst perusing the internet at work today I came across a new post by Martin at Postcard from Timperley and found out that I had made the draw for the TGO challenge.  I still did not believe it until I got home and found the large envelope waiting for me.  Very pleased and excited I am too.  From the list of names it looks like loads of other bloggers have made the draw as well.

I will now have many happy weeks drawing squiggly lines on Anquet maps before changing my mind and drawing even more squiggly lines.  I will become a man of indecision.

I need to get training, in fact there is no better day than tomorrow and I already have a punishing schedule in place.

1. Work on my beard a bit more, it needs to be more rugged.

2. Try and go a whole day without eating a packet of crisps.

3. While I am at it I am going to reduce my sugar intake from two spoons to one in my coffee.

There, I should be a well honed athlete in no time at all………………….