I’m on the Challenge

by backpackingbongos

Whilst perusing the internet at work today I came across a new post by Martin at Postcard from Timperley and found out that I had made the draw for the TGO challenge.  I still did not believe it until I got home and found the large envelope waiting for me.  Very pleased and excited I am too.  From the list of names it looks like loads of other bloggers have made the draw as well.

I will now have many happy weeks drawing squiggly lines on Anquet maps before changing my mind and drawing even more squiggly lines.  I will become a man of indecision.

I need to get training, in fact there is no better day than tomorrow and I already have a punishing schedule in place.

1. Work on my beard a bit more, it needs to be more rugged.

2. Try and go a whole day without eating a packet of crisps.

3. While I am at it I am going to reduce my sugar intake from two spoons to one in my coffee.

There, I should be a well honed athlete in no time at all………………….


11 Comments to “I’m on the Challenge”

  1. Hurrah! Well done James. If you’re going for an even more rugged beardy look you’ll definitely have to cut the crisps out. Good luck with the training.

  2. Training walks James. Also well done.

  3. The Royal Marines have a good fitness regime. Sadly, you end up puking a lot…

    Good luck & well done!!

  4. That’s good news – even though I have no possibility whatsoever to participate in the TGO Challenge (at least not within 5 to 10 years), I very much enjoy reading the stories of the Challenge (both preparations and reports afterwards). I must admit that your fitness regime put a smile on my face!

  5. Well done James. Training? Don’t you get out enough anyway? Try a fairly gentle start and change gear on day 3…?

  6. Thanks Pete. I keep on eying up the crisps now, they must go.

    Martin, we will have to get a training weekend in before next May!

    Maz, just getting up in the morning is bad enough to make me feel sick. The marines would simply kill me.

    Thanks Maria, I just started my fitness regime as I only had one sugar in my tea 🙂

    Martin B, an excuse to just get out more I think!

  7. I would stick with the crisps.

    You lose a lot of weight on these multi-day treks. Instead, i would advocate drinking more beer (lots of calories in beer, so my belly tells me, and lots of toast and butter. Good for laying down stores for the winter.

  8. The beard is definitely the most important bit 😉 Best of luck mate, rather wish I had applied for it this year as well…..

  9. Alan, I did stick with the crisps and passed Greggs whilst walking to work, they do some great nasty pasties!

    It’s all about the beard Gareth if you want to do this outdoors lark properly………..

  10. Just neglect the beard, it will get to look rugged on its own (works with mine:)

    Just give up the sugar in coffee and eat Kit Kats instead. When I left home, I gave up sugar in tea and coffee after a childhood of sugar in everything. It took about a year to get used to it, especially in tea. However, once you have got over the withdrawal symptoms, you appreciate the taste of different coffees and teas much more.


    • Coffee is tasting pretty nasty at the moment, waiting for the taste buds to change. The beard is always neglected until my lips disapear and then it has to go!

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