Check out my other blog…..

by backpackingbongos

Ok this has got absolutely nothing to do with backpacking, mountains or technical fabrics.  I was asked to put together a blog for work and this is what I have come up with so far.  Comment on it and it will make me look good 😉

SEA advocacy


4 Comments to “Check out my other blog…..”

  1. good work squire, i left a comment. my other half just found out shes being made redundant – 6 weeks left. History shows you can’t make massive cuts without a massive job recreation and rebuilding program. They know this even in the states. That is, unless they genuinely don’t give a flying monkeys about people….

  2. I’m not an expert James, but that looks very good to me…
    Well done.

  3. Thanks Dave. Sorry to hear that your partner is being made redundant, is this due to the cuts? We are fighting the upto 90% cuts for vulnerable people by Nottinghamshire county council as best we can. I have spent the last few weeks being bloody angry!

    Thanks Martin.

  4. aye, cuts so it is. Just the beginning, the dolphins nose so to speak! As they say in the movies, don’t get mad, get even.

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