Across the Monadhliath mountains

by backpackingbongos

It has now dawned on me that I have actually got to walk coast to coast across the Highlands of Scotland.  The possibilities are almost endless with a dizzying array of glens and peaks between the two coasts.  There are some bits that I really want to walk, the problem is in joining those bits together.  The Monadhliath mountains are definitely on my hit list.  There is something about high boggy rolling hills that appeal much more to me than sharp pointy mountains.  There is a backpack from Fort Augustus to Carrbridge that I have had planned for a while now, 50 miles following remote glens and vast plateau.  If I can work out a satisfactory walk to Fort Augustus and from Carrbridge it may just fit into next years challenge.

Now, how to you pronounce Monadhliath?

2 Comments to “Across the Monadhliath mountains”

  1. Rhymes with Mona Lisa

    Just noticed that your route runs smack through the new dam on the A’ Chraidhleag – Have a peek at the Challenge message board for details of the reservoir!

  2. Cheers Alan, I have managed to find the new maps on there. Looks like there is a nice track to follow alongside its shores!

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