A fishy forecast for the Peaks?

by backpackingbongos

11 Comments to “A fishy forecast for the Peaks?”

  1. I’m glad you haddock good look at the forecast, I’d hake to to go trout in coditions like that.

  2. Glad that they did not make a grouper mistakes.

  3. Hmm… that’s quite a bleak outlook. You never know, though, you may get the odd ray of sunshine.

  4. Your jokes are so out of tuna.

  5. Yeah, but there’s no need to carp on about it.

  6. Some people could get hake’ed off with the weather forecast.

  7. Personally, I think the forecast’s a gudgeon even though the conditions are quite ruffe.

  8. James, we’ve already had hake. I think you should mullet over before you add any further piscine faux pas!

  9. You should stickleback to what you do best!

  10. Damn I missed that one, suppose I was just fishing about, don’t want to look like a pollock.

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