Out of reach

by backpackingbongos

As I sit typing this I should be high on the moors between Wensleydale and Swaledale.  It is approaching 3pm so I imagine that a camping spot would have been identified by now with the Scarp1 being taken out of my pack and pitched on a platform of snow.  However by listening to the news reports and checking out the road conditions via the internet it looked like travelling to the hills would be a bloody nightmare.  I spent the morning in bed instead, which was nice.  Thoughts have started instead to turn to perhaps a walk in the Peak District tomorrow.  The Bongo has been sitting outside the house all week untouched and I thought that I would go and try to clear the snow off the windshield.  An inch of snow was covering a couple of inches of ice, after half an hour of chipping away I gave up.  I can’t for the life of me detach the windscreen wipers from their blocks of ice and the screen wash is frozen.  My can of de-icer is next to useless and the cul-de-sac on which I live is a skating rink.  I think that the Bongo is going to stay put for a couple more days.

My attention has now shifted to the railways, there is a direct service from Nottingham to Matlock.  I could get off at Cromford and have a pootle around Black Rock.  Thing is in these conditions can I trust the trains to get me home again?

With all this snow around to be played with, is it going to be a case of look but don’t touch?


5 Comments to “Out of reach”

  1. Know the feeling mate. I’m staying in – don’t seem to be worth the hassle. I’m gonna give it a go next weekend instead.

  2. I was temped this weekend to try and get up to Edale, but I have a uni interview (and a damn important one at that) on Tuesday, so this weekend is a no go. So instead I’m going to wait until a couple of friends get back from uni in two weeks and head up then. With almost 2 feet reported up there it won’t be going away.

  3. James – like you and Terry I not bothering, Our second car is a 4 x 4 and I have been out and about in it getting food and medicines to my parents and also helping out neighbours get to Tesco’s for shopping. I was going to go this weekend, but there is so much snow (20 inches deep) to clear here, and our sheep to feed with hay etc etc , I think I am best employed here.
    I will try a day hike in the wolds on Sunday, which are a couple of miles away as compensation. The snow is waist deep on the tops there – I wish I had snow shoes !!

  4. You are right Terry, too much hassle in going out. Looking out of the window this Saturday afternoon is is miserable to boot with low cloud and drizzle. The mountain forecasts were predicting an inversion in the Peaks first thing this morning though.

    Northernfall, the snow will probably be on the hills for a while yet unless it really warms up. Good luck with the interview.

    Mark seeing as you live in the sticks anyway you can enjoy the weather at home! If you get to the Wold post some pics on your blog as it is not often you get waist deep snow!

  5. James – if I go tomorrow, I will take some pics. The news reporter on Look North was standing waist deep on Thursday. Lets hope the rain today has not melted it too much.

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