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December 15, 2010

One of those days

by backpackingbongos

Yesterday was one of those days when things just don’t go how you would like them to.  In the morning I got the news with regards to the job interview the day before.  To be honest it was not what I wanted to hear, it went along the lines of thanks but no thanks.  I was partially consoled by being told that I was appointable, but at the end of the day someone else had more of what they were looking for.  Dream jobs only come along once in a blue moon.  It may be a long wait for the next blue moon.

Oh well, at least I had a gig to go to later that evening, tickets being purchased many months previous, excitement growing.  We got back from work, had an early dinner and did the hours drive down to Leicester to go and see Belle and Sebastian.  They tour very rarely and the fact that they were playing locally was a bonus.  We arrived at the venue to find out that the gig had been cancelled due to the lead singer being ill.  Gutted.