A perfect day

by backpackingbongos

Twice today I found myself humming Lou Reed’s ‘Prefect day’ as I crunched along the edges under a brilliant blue sky.  The clarity of the air was amazing and I barely passed a soul all day.  The temperature never rose above minus 3 degrees and the snow was like icing sugar.  Perfect.


4 Comments to “A perfect day”

  1. You lucky bugger! Looks lovely and I bet it felt great in the sub-zeroes. Been stuck at home for days working, all the snow’s gone…

  2. James – nothing like a great walk to forget your disappointments and make things seem brighter

  3. It was cool indeed Paul! I bet the temperatures that we are currently having are nothing in comparison to your winters?

    Get out soon Pete, I am sure that there is a fair bit of snow in the mountains just outside your city.

    Ineed it did Mark, it was great to get out.

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