Under Armour – Coldgear Long Sleeve Mock

by backpackingbongos

Under Armour is a brand that I have not heard of before, I therefore was keen to test one of their base layers for Webtogs.  The Long Sleeve Mock comes from their Coldgear range and is specifically designed for temperatures below 13 degrees celsius.  The last few weeks have provided an ideal testing ground for this cold weather base layer.  Usually in winter I wear a lightweight merino wool base layer underneath an ancient mircofleece top with my Paramo as a shell.  Would the Long Sleeve Mock mean that I could ditch one of the layers?

I was sent a medium size and when I initially took it out of its packaging I thought that there had been a mistake with the sizing.  It appeared to be tiny!  However it is a compression base layer and is designed to stretch, and stretch it does.  It is made of a double sided brushed fabric with the outer having a slightly shiny look to it whilst the inner has a nice texture against the skin.  The collar is high and double thickness with the logo offset slightly to the side.

From a distance I thought that the logo looked familiar and it took me a while to realise that it is a bit like that used by Haglofs.  Putting it on the initially tiny size easily stretched to accommodate my belly and gave a good snug fit.  Wearing it for the first time feels a bit weird, I have never worn a wetsuit but this is how I would imagine putting one on would feel.  The brushed inner really grips your skin and when on the fabric moves with you.  This is particularly good in the arms as there is no creep at all when you lift your arms.  The same can be said of the torso, when you bend down or reach up the fabric stays firmly in place.

Mine came in a rather fetching shade of bright blue, which with its very tight fit and slight shine to the outer makes you feel that you should be part of a bobsled team.  A bright red pair of lycra shorts and you could even pass as a superhero in some oddly weird parallel universe!

So how did it perform on the hill?  It was worn under my Paramo on a cold, breezy and damp day in the Peak District.  It kept me very warm whilst walking, although I did not work up too much of a sweat on the gentle terrain.  The high neck did its job at keeping the heat in but there were times that I would have liked a zip to adjust the temperature.  I have to admit to not being that fond of tight material around my neck and have a strong aversion to wearing a shirt and tie.  I therefore found the high neck on this base layer rather uncomfortable.  During my lunch break I did get a bit chilly in the wind and I feel I would have benefitted from a mid layer.

On my scales it weighs in at 214 grammes which is pretty light for the amount of warmth that it gives.  It’s probably not a garment that you would choose to wear down the pub, but its tight-fitting nature does mean that it’s easy to slip other layers over the top of it.

It’s something that I would wear in cold weather only and I think that its 13 degree and under rating is too high.  However for sub-zero temperatures it is an ideal base layer if you are happy wearing a compression top and don’t mind a high tight collar.

It can be purchased via the link below.


6 Comments to “Under Armour – Coldgear Long Sleeve Mock”

  1. Se-xy! You’re right, it does have ‘superhero’ written all over it. But there you are, James – you’re a superhero of everyday life. Looks a snug fit; so snug in fact that it’s made your Bonnie Billy beard fall off! Like they say, if it does the job…

  2. Did they spray that on? I like the idea of a warm layer that is light and keeps the weight down. Flip side is how good is it over several days. Will it pong from sweet. Does it dry fast when you are out in the rain all day with your waterproof top on when pitched up on a hill for the night? Long term test is needed I think.

  3. Sorry mate – no conehead so not for me. If it doesnt make me look stupid, I don’t want to know… Seriously, seen these before and they look good. Am using Páramo Parmenter S this winter as my base layer. Which feels very warm too.

  4. The beard seems to go in lunar cycles Pete, it will soon be approaching full moon again on the beard front………….

    Martin it does look like it has been sprayed on. True it does need to be worn for several days for a good pong test. I have usually found synthetic base layers to be a bit more smelly than merino wool ones. I will let you know in a few months.

    Maz there is a version with a hood although I am not sure that it will give you the conehead effect that you desire!

  5. I can always pop something on my head underneath it…

    Have you seen Joe Newton’s Ibex review? Already got the Påramo Parmenter S as I said, which is a pretty thick but very breathable, but I am rather taken by the Ibex as I love merino wool for long trips like the TMB as it really just does not smell – ever – and is pretty warm when wet. Also, I am starting to come round to thumb-loops for winter base-layers and hoods. Phil Turner’s Silkbody review seems good too but expensive. I got a comment from Accapi in relation to my calling the Accapi Nexus very expensive – but it is! It may be superb but £130-160 for a base layer, for most people, is just unfeasible. It is the sort of money reserved for professionals.

  6. Pop a cone on your head Maz for the desired effect! Why don’t you suggest to Accapi that they send you the Nexus for test? That amount of money for a base layer is silly money. You can buy a nice down jacket for that.

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