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December 22, 2010

A wilderness Christmas?

by backpackingbongos

Once again I am playing the, “Whats the weather going to do next week?” game.  I have a major plan in place for the period between Christmas and New Year.  Late last autumn I fell in love with the wild west Coast of Jura and I have spent a lot of time since then dreaming of returning.  Much of this has been down to Pete’s numerous posts about the Island on his blog ‘Writes of way‘.

I am planning on doing the hefty drive up to kennacraig on the Kintyre peninsula where I will get an early morning ferry to Islay.  A drive across the island to Port Askaig where a tiny ferry will take me across the Sound of Islay to Jura.  I will then take the single track rollercoaster road to the north part of the Island where I hopefully should be able to park up almost exactly 24 hours after leaving home.

The main A846 across the island!

My rucksack will then be hoisted onto my back for a 5 to 7 hour walk across some of the roughest, boggiest terrain imaginable to a rather splendid coastal bothy.  Three days to watch the wildlife, walk to isolated sandy beaches, explore caves and rock arches.  Then long old nights to listen to the waves breaking on the shore whilst attempting to burn driftwood and reading trashy novels.

My idea of heaven!

However will the weather let this happen?  Firstly a snow free journey up north is pretty much essential, so no snow between Nottingham and the Clyde please in the next few days.  Then I would prefer the weather to be kind (ish) whilst on Jura as I don’t think I could cope with the very short days whilst being lashed by an Atlantic storm.

Decision time on Friday I think, I will then book the ferry.  Fingers crossed that this time next week I will be amongst this scenery.

Heavy snow is forecast for Nottingham tonight…………………………..