Some festive cheer from Modern Toss

by backpackingbongos

Have a good Christmas everyone.


7 Comments to “Some festive cheer from Modern Toss”

  1. Har har har! That’s what I like, a bit of festive subversion – ‘I’ve got a fucking mince pie’. Excellent. Year’s ago a friend of mine designed a christmas card with an idyllic picture of a middle class victorian family gathered around table and hearth, christmas tree behind them – with the message: ‘Give Christmas back to the Christians’.

  2. You are not taking this Festive Season of Love seriously now, are you?

    Three Hail Mary’s and drink a dimple…

  3. priceless, the big christmas monsta is coming to get ya!

  4. I’m deeply offended by this feeble attempt at humour…

    Who am I kidding, people are looking at me whilst I read this on the iPhone and pee myself. I think Social Services are en route…

  5. James, some great jokes, Well done for coming up with something different to scenes of snow !
    All the best

  6. Haha – merry Xmas – enjoy those sprouts!

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