A wild camp in unexpected snow – winter rages on

by backpackingbongos

The backpacking count is going well so far this year.  Weekend number two and backpack number two.

Last night was spent once again on the Pennine moors, except this time the weather was less benign.  Gale force winds and heavy snow gave rather difficult camping conditions.  It is years since I last wild camped in proper deep snow.  It is good fun until in the morning you try to remove pegs frozen solid into the ground, then stuff  flapping nylon into a small stuff sack with really cold hands.  At least we had a snug little bothy to while away the evening by a blazing fire and somewhere to cook breakfast and pack properly out of the wind.

As usual a full trip report later on in the week.

Worryingly backpack number three is planned for next weekend…………..

12 Comments to “A wild camp in unexpected snow – winter rages on”

  1. James – well done that man ! I wimped out on doing a backpack trip on Cross Fell this weekend. I did however walk/snow shoed up Buckden Pike today. Lots of snow. Look forward to your report.

  2. James, you’re a phenomenon. And making me slightly jealous! Is this some kind of New Year’s resolution – ‘I will backpack every weekend for the entire year’ – kind of thing? You’re a zealot, if you’d given up smoking you’d be not smoking at least 140 fags a day!

    Looking forward to the post.

  3. You considered skis or snowshoes for this time of year? I was out for my first excursion on snowshoes at the weekend and loved it!

  4. It was cracking weather in the Dales mark, did you get great views from the top of Buckden Pike? How did the snow shoes hold up?

    Pete I have never been called a phenomenon before! No New Years resolutions just getting the urge to get out and about. Will need a rest after this weekend me thinks…………….

    Snowshoes would have been awesome Fraser, it was hard work sinking up to my knees in the white stuff.

  5. Looks like a fine wild camp you had. Well the weather forecast is awful. Proper Challenge training coming up. Pack is all ready bar a bit of kit to decide on to go in it. Bringing the spider stove and bring yours. We will need plenty of warm brews. Still mulling over plan B based on the forecast.

  6. It is a shame that I coukd not bring forward the weather from last weekend to this weekend. Indeed it is looking like a complete stinker! My spider stove will be coming and my Paramo kit is being reproofed. It will be a test to see if my Scarp1 is waterproof. Plan B will have to have a good get out clause just in case it gets really nasty!

  7. Told you this months weather would be pants 😉

    Next month is when you should book your dates. Things will get milder, windier and wetter for a couple more weeks yet – with maybe the odd decent window of fine weather.

    Come February, some highs will come in and we’ll likely have a dry and cold month. Perfect for inversions 😉

    I’m out this week (don’t want to be mind) – not looking forward to camping in the high winds….

    Look forward to the trip report

  8. Cheers for confirming the weather in February Terry, I now hope to be lying in my tent watching the sun rise over a perfect inversion some time next month…….

  9. Give me a bell when you’re heading out – and I’ll endeavour to recommend an area where the odds will be in your favour for one 😉

    I’m watching the Peaks like a hawk for a full on cloud/temp inversion. Need it for video! 🙂

    Missed an exceptionally rare one a couple of weeks or so ago….

  10. Will do Terry, maybe share a wild camp spot to watch one?

  11. back and reading when i shld be working and loving the piks! now, thats a grand idea – go on…a backpack every weekend for a year! hows the scarp holding up?….am def reconsidering my recent purchase in favour of a scarp 2.

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