Pies and Ryes

by backpackingbongos

The gear is laid out on the bed once again for a final idiot check before it gets stuffed (sorry I meant placed methodically) into my pack.  An early morning start tomorrow to meet up with Martin for a short backpack in the Howgills.  The weather is looking pretty shocking to be honest and a sheltered camp spot will need to be sought if we want a peaceful night.  We hope to meet up with the Pieman of the north with Bruno on Saturday morning for a round of steep and grassy hills before being blown back to our cars.  I may need to add some ballast to stop myself being blown away on the hill tops.

Then I think that I may give the hills a rest until February.  I am bloody knackered after the last two weekends out.  Looking forward to being tucked up in my tent tomorrow night for a good long sleep.

Sunday it will be about seeing a man about a dog, so to speak.  More about that at a later date.


6 Comments to “Pies and Ryes”

  1. Bit of wind and rain. It is the UK norm. Might be bad but you never know it might be ok in the end. See you in the morning.

    • Good positive thinking there Martin. You never know we may be sitting outside cooking tomorrow and watching the stars………..

  2. Good luck with the weather on the Howgills. Have a great walk. A man about a dog, eh? I hope it all works out for you. Dougal went for his booster jabs today, so he’ll be allowed out next week, hurrah! On the downside the vet said she thought he was a bit overweight and he’s got fleas to boot. The shame.

  3. Hope you have a great time.

    Say hi to Martin

  4. Have a good one James. When I have walked the Howgills it is always a great place to go and always quiet. Lots of ascent and descent. Say hi to Martin and Mike.

  5. More on the man about a dog hopefully very soon Peter. We were pipped at the post last week when we showed interest in a lovely Jack Russel cross bitch. She ended up with a good home, thats the main thing. The shame of Dougal eh? Flabby and with fleas, if you are struggling to look after him he can come and live in Nottingham………. 🙂

    Thanks Chris, will do.

    Hi Mark, the Howgills should be good but may be very wet! I will pass on your hi.

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