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January 15, 2011

Bloggers Vs the weather

by backpackingbongos

Unfortunately the weather won fair and square.  After perhaps the stormiest night I have spent in a tent, Martin and myself packed up at dawn and beat a retreat back down to our vehicles.  We got back pretty much twenty fours hours after leaving them.  The power of nature sometimes can be simply awesome.  The beck we crossed the evening before was a raging torrent in the morning, it simply would have swept anyone stepping in it away.  Water was pouring off the hillsides in torrents and the wind was howling down the valley like a banshee.

Too tired for a write-up now, that will have to come after I have done a trip report from last weekend.  So in the meantime, here a few things I learned (or got reconfirmed).

1. The Scarp1 is the best tent I have used in extreme wind.  Period.  Unfortunately the fly still leaks, which is a bugger but no water got through to the inner.  Some more seam sealing is needed but it got me through some really rough weather and my sleeping bag was still dry inside.

2. Salomon fastpacker mids have possibly the worst traction of any footwear known to man.  Wet grassy fells and they are not good companions.  Martin has probably got the opinion that I am a real clumsy twat but it was the boots, honest.  It was like traversing ice this morning and a nasty slip has left me with a swollen ankle this evening.

3. Paramo Velez adventure trousers are shite.  Half hour of heavy wind-blown rain and I had a wet arse and water running down the backs of my legs.  Shameful, don’t waste your money on these expensive white elephants.

4. Believe the weather forecast and don’t be too optimistic.  This is what we had today!