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January 21, 2011

Introducing Rueben

by backpackingbongos

Today Corrina and I have a new house mate.  Rueben (formally known as Tigger) had been sitting unwanted at the Babbington rescue centre for three months.  I don’t know why but I was immediately drawn to him.  We passed a home check by the dog warden earlier this week and got to take him home this morning.  So far he has been a delight, calm and friendly, seems to be doing his best to impress.  It’s a shame that these days around two-thirds of dogs needing new homes are bull breeds.  Rueben is a Staffie cross, so I hope that I don’t meet too much canine prejudice when taking him for his walks.  The media has been great at demonising them in the same way as any teenager who has a hood.

Some training classes for him next month for some socialisation and doggie lessons.  Hopefully he will be a full on enthusiastic hill hound very soon.  I just need to work out how the whole backpacking with a dog thing is going to work!