Introducing Rueben

by backpackingbongos

Today Corrina and I have a new house mate.  Rueben (formally known as Tigger) had been sitting unwanted at the Babbington rescue centre for three months.  I don’t know why but I was immediately drawn to him.  We passed a home check by the dog warden earlier this week and got to take him home this morning.  So far he has been a delight, calm and friendly, seems to be doing his best to impress.  It’s a shame that these days around two-thirds of dogs needing new homes are bull breeds.  Rueben is a Staffie cross, so I hope that I don’t meet too much canine prejudice when taking him for his walks.  The media has been great at demonising them in the same way as any teenager who has a hood.

Some training classes for him next month for some socialisation and doggie lessons.  Hopefully he will be a full on enthusiastic hill hound very soon.  I just need to work out how the whole backpacking with a dog thing is going to work!


14 Comments to “Introducing Rueben”

  1. Hi Reuben! You look as if you’ll be an excellent in tent winter footwarmer.

  2. Aaaah! I love dogs. Glad he has a good home.

  3. You have a new family member, congratulations! I’ve had a couple of cats from a local animal rescue centre, they’ve been just lovely.

    Happy walks together!

  4. You’ll have to train Reuben to get a brew on while you’re putting the tent up. Then there’s the navigation skills to learn…
    Well done for rescuing Reuben and giving him the chance of having a decent life. We’ll have to sort out a bloggers with doggers meet at some point!

  5. He looks a happy chappie, well done!

  6. Thanks everyone. Reuben has settled down really well in the house, so well in fact that he spends most of his time laying in his bed by the radiator wagging his tail. Just need to teach him to not pull on the lead and he will be good to go out for a good walk in the Peaks.

  7. ” I just need to work out how the whole backpacking with a dog thing is going to work!”

    You need to get Reuben one of these 🙂

    Good on you for giving him a home.

  8. I wouldn’t dare let him wear that in my local park paul, although if he is up for it he may get a set of panniers!

  9. Strong breed. Head strong but when trained will be the best trail dog. Had one and she was a great trail dog and happy as a clam. A great foot warmer.

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