A bigger hill and more miles

by backpackingbongos

For a couple of hours this afternoon it felt like spring had arrived early.  Striding the high moors under a blazing sun in just a base layer with the sleeves rolled up.  Bliss.  A couple of hours later it was winter again in the shadows to the north of the hills.  The river and reservoir were frozen.  Today was hound mountain training part two, a bigger hill to climb and 11 miles in total.  The dog is definitely fitter than me!

13 Comments to “A bigger hill and more miles”

  1. What a great picture, Reuben really knows how to pose for the ‘contemplating the view’ pics! Glad to see that he’s getting you in training for the TGO thingumy too.

  2. yep, definitely a thousand yard stare!

  3. There are many Bongos here in NZ you will be pleased to know. I have greeted them with a small bow in the Japanese style. Dog looks great – will need to do a bit of work on eyes to camera shots. TGO will be with you faster than you can imagine – get the miles in.

  4. Rueben (and not only he!) seems to enjoy your walks. He chose a good home.

  5. That dog will super fit at this rate. Nice to see he has a good life now.

  6. Can’t quite put my finger on it – this pic LOL

    I recognise the far left corners profile – that’s Kinder for sure.

    So, I reckon you took Ruben up Kinder and walked on the eastern edges – with that view being over to Alport Dale 😉

    Do I get a prize for that, mate! 🙂 LOL

  7. terry- I was just about to guess pretty much the same. But I’m going to have to try and be even more accurate now. So my guess is Crookstone Knoll for the location of the picture.

    Nice to see you and Rueben enjoying the hills. And it was warm today, I’ve been plodding about Derby in a t-shirt.

  8. Pete that pose takes quite a long time. Involves lots of saying stay and finding he has wondered off by the time I have sorted out the camera! My lead arm is now very fit………

    Dave, he does enjoy the view from the hill tops, a dog after my own heart.

    Good to hear that there are Bongos in NZ Warren, do they bow back? Mine is back at the garage having bits and bobs done for the MOT, a bit if a money drain eh? Reuben will not look at the camera, much prefers to pose.

    Thanks Maria, I hope that he enjoys them!

    A nice lean walking machine is what I am after Martin, surely better than being in kennels.

    You do get a prize Terry but not as good a prize as Northerfall who gets top marks. It was from Crookstone knoll. Alport Dale indeed is located just to the right of the photo.

    Spot on Northernfall!

  9. I’m getting proper soppy at Reuben story, so glad his new life is gonna be a hill life! 🙂

  10. LOL

    2nd place!!! Awww come on! I guessed right first 😉

  11. Hi Jamie, if Reuben is happy then I am happy. Hope that he is not just pretending to enjoy the hills to please me though!

    Judges decision is final terry!

  12. In this competition second place is last is it not? 😉

  13. err is this the bit where I say that everyone is a winner……………………..?

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