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February 5, 2011

Backpackingbongos is two

by backpackingbongos

My memory is such that I managed to forget my blogs birthday!  I am rather pleased with myself as I have managed to keep this blog going for two years now.  No mean feat seeing that I usually have a very short attention span.  I would like to say thanks to everyone who pops in now and then to read my ramblings and provide comments.  I may get a modest amount of visitors compared to other outdoor blogs, but at least I attract the best looking and most intelligent readers!

Hopefully I should have some more great trips to write about in the coming months.  The main one being the TGO challenge in May.  I am still working on my route and am starting to realise that the deadline to submit it is looming!  This time in two weeks I should be squelching across the Dartmoor bogs, staying for a week in a cottage in the middle of the moor.  At the end of March I hope to spend a week in the company of Pete from the excellent Writes of Way amongst the wilderness of a Hebridean island.

So thanks for reading my regular waffle and I hope to bump into you on a remote hill some day.