Backpackingbongos is two

by backpackingbongos

My memory is such that I managed to forget my blogs birthday!  I am rather pleased with myself as I have managed to keep this blog going for two years now.  No mean feat seeing that I usually have a very short attention span.  I would like to say thanks to everyone who pops in now and then to read my ramblings and provide comments.  I may get a modest amount of visitors compared to other outdoor blogs, but at least I attract the best looking and most intelligent readers!

Hopefully I should have some more great trips to write about in the coming months.  The main one being the TGO challenge in May.  I am still working on my route and am starting to realise that the deadline to submit it is looming!  This time in two weeks I should be squelching across the Dartmoor bogs, staying for a week in a cottage in the middle of the moor.  At the end of March I hope to spend a week in the company of Pete from the excellent Writes of Way amongst the wilderness of a Hebridean island.

So thanks for reading my regular waffle and I hope to bump into you on a remote hill some day.

8 Comments to “Backpackingbongos is two”

  1. Happy Blog Birthday! 🙂

    Only two? I’d have thought with how you and your blog comes across it was much older than that. Fair play to you, James.

    Funny you should mention about blog b’days – mine’s just over a year old (forgot myself).

    So, I’ll share some of the cake with you 😉

  2. Keep at it. Who cares about numbers. Highest read blogs sometimes are so boring. I get feed up reading about how they laughed at someone struggling with a stove as they cooked on their gram weenie yet they never have a trip report or photos of them going in the outdoors. You get so much time outdoors and I am envies. But you share your trips with us and that keeps me coming back. Well done James.

  3. happy blog birthday from not so sunny cumbria peter and oscar dog

  4. happy blogging berfday Jamie! Looking fwd to yours and Martins take on the TGO, and a double whammy from yourself and Peter is exciting news too. Here’s to another 2 and many more after that.

    oh and thank heavens someone is finally acknowledging our dashing good looks and rapier wit, we are the Byrons of the outside to be sure ;p

  5. I take exception to being called good looking! 😉

  6. Thanks Terry! Happy blogday to you too. I will cut a slice of virtual cake and save it for you.

    I know where you are coming from there Martin. I have removed a few blogs from my Google reader recently as I much prefer to read about peoples love of the outdoors rather than endless gear posts. Gear posts are only good if they actually relate to being used on a trip. I get all that time outdoors as I lack (or choose to have) few other committments. Working a 4 day week also helps!

    Cheers Peter, if you live in Cumbria I am jealous!

    Those good looks have to be acknowleged Dave, alongside all of that intelligence. Hope that you have a good blogging and outdoor year.

    I suppose that there are always exceptions to generalisations DaFoot!

  7. keep it up James, the quality and quantity is balanced nicely on your blog and may you keep it going for a long time to come. 🙂

  8. Thanks for that Dave.

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