On the edge looking down

by backpackingbongos

I am feeling totally kippered this morning and the dog is surprisingly quiet.  Yesterday we squelched along a grand promenade for miles above the 2000ft contour.  My map says that we did 13.5 miles but my body this morning and the fact that it took 9 hours tells a different story.  Constantly detouring around deep wet peat and searching out ground that did not want to remove footwear took time.  I regretted not taking my gaiters, an essential bit of kit on this sort of terrain.  There was a moment of tragic comedy watching Reubens reaction to a particularly vicious hail storm, from the look in his eyes I think I got the blame for that.

The final hour and a half was done in darkness by the beam of head torches, deep bog awaiting the unwary.  The darkness under the plantation canopy absolute.  A full post in the coming week.


11 Comments to “On the edge looking down”

  1. Lovely pic! One man and his dog… …when you say ‘head torches’ (plural), you don’t mean…

  2. Now, that’s happy! looks like u have a friend for life there

  3. He is a stunning hound Pete. ‘Headtorches?’, don’t worry I had another human with me, although I am sure that one would look good on Reuben!

    I do hope so David!

  4. You’re on the path from Grindslow Knoll approaching Fox Holes and Grindbrook Clough 😉 (Geez! I’m sad! I need to get out the Peaks!)

    See much in the way of the peat restoration up on Kinder James?

  5. In fact, I think I’m wrong on the exact location, no? Near it though 😉 LOL

  6. You have got the right hill Terry but are on the wrong side of it! The photo is looking towards the top of Blackden brook. There was a helicopter going back and forth all day taking bags of something onto the moor. The bags looked like patches of snow from a distance against the black peat!

  7. The bags were full of hessian that they put down over re-seeded eroded areas. We were directly underneath the helicopter for much of Saturday. It was noisy.

  8. Sounds like a round of the Kinder edges to me:) When I lived in Derbyshire, I used to do this at least once a year – a great bogtrot.


  9. James- I was just about to guess your location in that picture when I saw you’d posted it. I was looking forward to getting 2-0 up on Terry 😀

  10. Hi Martin, wondered what the bags were. What part of Kinder Scout were you on?

    Ian we did the whole of the northern edges from Crookstone Knoll to the Snake path – peat glorious soggy Peat!

    Next time Northernfall!!

  11. We were on Bleaklow James. I’m just processing some photos to be uploaded later.

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