Dartmoor bound

by backpackingbongos

It has been fourteen years since I last visited Dartmoor, something that I will be rectifying tomorrow.  My partner is spending a week in Spain in March with her mother, a trip that to be honest did not appeal to me.  Being an independent couple with differing ideas of what constitutes a fun holiday I decided that I would stay at home and look after the dog.  My idea of a fun week away usually involves getting a bit wet and cold on some remote hillside, something that Corrina does not share.  We must be doing something right though as we celebrate our 19 year anniversary today!

After a bit of perusing the internet I found a cheap cottage slap bang in the middle of Dartmoor, a woodburner in the lounge and a view of a tor from the bedroom.  I can’t wait to spend a week walking the remote moors and visiting the tors.  I have told the dog that he is going but I am not sure that he understands.  The ‘W’ word gets his tails wagging though and he leaps up to the kitchen table where his lead is kept.  There will be loads of photos of Rueben staring wistfully into the distance when I get back!


11 Comments to “Dartmoor bound”

  1. Hope you have good weathe, one quick recommendation is the area between Hare Tor and Fur Tor

  2. Have a great time, James. Reuben will love the moor for sure. One of my sisters lives on the edge of the moor at Plympton, I used to go down there walking a lot. Stevie (sister) had a jack russel name of Poppy who I used to take for 20 mile yomps over the moor. Her poor wee legs. She used to sit down and refuse to budge after a while and I’d have to find a phone box to call my sister to collect us. Eventually she used to slink off and hide when i came to visit…

    Where are you staying? A wonderful walk is to drive to Harford (south Dartmoor, N of Ivybridge) head ENE along the bridleway from the carpark for 1.5km then turn N along the tors on the Two Moors Way for 5 or 6km as far as Quickbeam Hill. Drop W to the River Erme and follow it back to Harford. Piles Copse on the Erme is one of my favourite wild camping spots ever. Loads of standing stones and an incredibly long stone row above the W bank of the river.

  3. Thanks Ben, fingers crossed that the moors are not covered by mist. I plan to visit Fur Tor on one of the non firing days.

    Hi Pete I will be staying near to Postbridge, a good central location. Your route looks good, I will check it out on the map when I get there.

    • If you’re staying at Postbridge, you’ll be a few kilometres SW of the Warren House Inn – it’s a cracker. About 6km SW of Postbridge, there’s a path to Wistman’s Wood it’s only 2-3km, but well worth a visit – a small area of ancient, lichen covered, twisted dwarf oak trees. Wonderful.

  4. laughing out loud at the doggy actions at mention of ‘W’ word! have fun ya both

  5. You can’t even spell the word Dave without him getting excited!

  6. Enjoy mate, was half tempted to drive down and try and meet up with you but family calls – have a great week!

  7. James. Have a great time – did mKettle send you a kettle? just wondering if you have played with it. New Zealand has been fantastic to us and the things just get better as we go south.

  8. Hi Warren. I do need to catch up on your adventures. I have got the mKettle and will be doing a review very soon. A top bit of kit!

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