And now the buses play the same game

by backpackingbongos

Following on from my last post……….

I fear that a blood vessel is going to burst in my head.  I posted on the TGO forum that the bus ticket I purchased from Glasgow to Shiel Bridge was on the expensive side at £34 for a single.  I got a reply asking what company I brought it from as they can often be got at half that price.  The trick is to split the same ticket and buy two singles for the same journey.  I went back on Citylinks website and found that I could have got a single to Fort William for £5 then another single to Shiel Bridge for £16.20, a fair bit less than the £34 that I paid!

So now it is not only the train companies playing this game, you have to split your ticket on one bus journey to get a cheap fare!!  At the end of the day I know that it is only £12.80 but it is money that I drag my sorry arse out of bed to go to work for in the mornings.  A complaint has gone to Citylink but I feel that I already know their response.

Is it me or is nothing simple these days?

Going back to the subject of trains I often think back to the many months that I spent travelling around India on their rather splendid state-owned railway system.  There you pay a set fare for each kilometre that you travel, this being as little as a penny per kilometre.  Ok so each train may have several different classes from hard wooden benches where you are packed in like sardines to sumptuous first class.  The thing is everyone can afford to travel, from the very poorest to the richest.  Then there is the fabulous catering, you order when you board then a stunning curry is delivered to you at meal times all for a few pence.  Ok so the trains do have an alarming tendency to crash killing hundreds at a time but any form of transport carries a certain amount of risk and clenched buttocks over there.

I just want a simple life.

Normal service will resume shortly!

6 Comments to “And now the buses play the same game”

  1. I know it doesn’t help your cause but I had the same problems for last year’s TGO. Glasgow to Shiel Bridge by bus was about the same but going to Inverness meant that I could get a bus to Shiel Bridge for £5.

    It is really frustrating trying to find bus & train ticket at a good price.

  2. Nothing is simple , James, at least not in the world of privatised public transport. I thought you were only having to drag your sorry arse a few yards to work these days?

  3. Thanks for making me chuckle Mike!

    It has given me a real headache too George, I got a good price on the train and then got ripped off on the bus.

    It may only be a few yards Pete but I still have to get out of bed. Plus work is work!

  4. just catching up – the challenge plans look really exciting, one day maybe i’ll apply – may is usually a busy time for me.

    I remember sitting on a bus coming down from Missouri, Northern India. About half way down a 3000m cliff the bus pulled up along the knife edge road, and everyone including the driver got out. We didnt know what was happening. Turns out they were all praying for a safe arrival – apparently 3 or 4 buses a year go off that road! Safety first, eh? That said, 6£ from glen coe village for 10mins up the valley made my eyes water last year.

  5. Hi david, I have done the same bus journey! Just about every mountain bus journey is on the buttock clenching side in India. We nearly went off the road on a day trip out of Manali, will never forget one of the bus wheels leaving the road and the bus lurching to one side!

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