Not just Pounds and Pence – a short film

by backpackingbongos

Over the past few weeks one of my colleagues at work has been involved in making a short film with a local film maker.  The film was made so that it could be given to the decision makers at Nottingham City council prior to their final decision about cuts to the Supporting People budget.  I hope that you take a few minutes to watch it, it is not often that the most vulnerable people in our society are given a voice.


5 Comments to “Not just Pounds and Pence – a short film”

  1. It is a frightening prospect that the British Government would consider cutting the budget for such a vital service.

  2. A defining aspect of civilised society is the impetus to take care of the vulnerable – the elderly, the young, the poor, those with physical and mental health problems, those with addictions… The people in the film obviously rely greatly on the material, psychological and emotional support they receive both from each other and local authority-funded service provision. Watching the film, you get a palpable sense of how taking away the infrastructure of support will mean that many already fragile lives will be totally shattered.

    If we don’t care as a society, the future is bleak. Thatcher thought ‘society’ was a myth and her policies promoted the privitisation of the individual – buy your house, buy your car and don’t worry about anyone else, just so long as you’re alright. The Coalition of Doom are the slashing and burning inheritors of Thatcher’s ideology; keep cutting services and soon people will be stepping over bodieslying in the street.

  3. It is dark days in the UK at the moment Paul, we are turning back the clocks 30 years. It will soon be a place that is only ok to live if you manage to keep your job and don’t fall sick. Other wise yer buggered.

    Pete when I moved to Nottingham 15 years ago some parts of the city centre looked like they were in a third world country. Sleeping bags in doorways and huge amounts of begging. You just don’t see that anymore. Unfortunately I feel that those days are on the way back. A large amount of hostels, supported accomodation, day centres and tenanacy support will be withdrawn in a couple of months. Unfortunately it is my ‘Nice’ labour council doing this. The coalition of doom cut the supporting people budget by around 12% and removed the ring fencing. Our local council are going to cut the budget by 45% and have refused to publish detailed finances. The only council not to do so. John Collins the leader of NCC frankly is a wanker. I think that I have run out of people I can vote for now!

  4. really powerful film, wise words.

    same things happening where I work. Yesterday I had security staff at each others and clients throats, ambulances called, with no staff, only volunteers to deal with it. Nearly everyone is losing their job, its the 3rd wave of cuts in 2 years. The streets of London are already back to that James, I see people walking past broken bodies every day now. Its like the bad old days of the eighties again. But those voted in don’t care about any of these people at all. They ONLY understand profit and loss. The lack of respect for both people, and the land we live in, is intimately connected. Its important to realise, especially on an outdoors blog, that this pillaging mentality goes right across the board.

    I think the way forward is to show that removing these service will cost more than they save in the short term. We have to think at least in part like the bloody minded accountants they are using to justify the cuts. That and knowing that advocacy and therapeutic work really CAN and DOES make a difference to peoples lives, one step or day at a time. Tools like this film are a testament to that. Well done to you and your team for advocating and I hope the great, sensible majority of the country will wake up and take the power back from these corrupt corporate shills we have in government, whatever colour their logo is. Spoil your ballot, national strike, we want our country back.

  5. Thanks Dave. I hope that doing stuff like this will make a difference but I fear that it will not. You are right in saying that the best way of saving services is too talk about how they save money in the long term. Remember that for every £1 spent by supporting people saves £2.50 in the long term. Money has more influence than the actual lives of people…………………

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