Base jumping Sron Ulladale

by backpackingbongos

I found this video through the Grough website.  It brought a big smile to my face and made my stomach do funny things when he jumped off.  Even better is the Pixies soundtrack.  I’m off now to re-live my late teens and dig out my old Pixies albums.


9 Comments to “Base jumping Sron Ulladale”

  1. Nice vid to find. Nuts stuff. Backpacking is so much safer.

  2. Black Francis and his fellow Pixies have a lot to answer for… Great clip, but why would you do that?! Though I think I know the answer. Our man seemed to take a long while getting down. Probably for the best.

  3. No Pixies, but this is nuttier!

  4. It made me feel a little quesy Martin, think I will still to the backpacking.

    The Pixies take me back Pete, one of my first big gigs was seeing them at Brixton Academy when I was in the sixth form – superb.

    Hi Ken, that is much nuttier, it seems that they try and get as close to trees / cliffs / cables as possible. Watching them shoot over that road was amazing!

  5. If you think BASE jumping is scary, you should see this video of Wingsuit skydiving on Vimeo. Url is


  6. Whoops, see that Ken has already posted it. Here is another Wingsuit bout of madness


  7. I’m so with the man who walked down ;.-)

    Unless I get a grip on myself I can get a bit dizzy and frit scrambling downhill. Something that drastic would be my idea of hell, evenfilming it – would feel like falling by proxy, if you know what I mean.

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