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March 13, 2011

Knees, sheep and stiles

by backpackingbongos

Over the past week or so my body has been letting me down, my knees deciding to age much quicker than the rest of me.  There have been a few twinges on my walks recently, especially going downhill, but I thought that it was nothing to worry about.  However this week walking down the stairs has been a painful affair, someone sneaking broken glass under my kneecap.  Now this is bloody typical, what with a week on Rum in a fortnights time and then the TGO challenge in May.  A book I saw mentioned on Terry’s blog and a knee support have been ordered off the internet and some strengthening exercises started.  Hopefully it is just a glitch, otherwise I will go and see a physio when I get back from Rum, doctors not being the best when it comes to this sort of thing.  Last time I went to a doc due to a failing body part she told me ‘what do you expect at your age, you should not be walking in the hills’.  In my mind I told her to go on a diet and get some exercise!

Anyway I blame my recent dodgy knees on the dog.  Long walks with him inevitably mean being dragged about more than I would like, and you can’t use a pair of trekking poles when holding a lead.  Probably too much yanking and jarring, especially going down hill.

Yesterday was a chance for another hilly dog walk, a test to see if my knees where truly buggered.  After dropping Corrina off at the airport for her week in Spain we found ourselves in the Peaks.  Thankfully I managed 11 miles with some discomfort at the start but things got better as I warmed up.  Half way round I decided to trust Reuben off the lead and got my Pacerpoles out, they really did the trick, especially on the downhills.  Reuben was a very good boy, coming back when called (most of the time) and resisting the temptation of sheep.  However I was a bit hoarse at the end with a constant, ‘Rueben, stay, here, Reuben, this way etc etc etc’.  His style is leg it for 100 metres, come back when called, then repeat.  I can’t get him to actually walk with me, something to work on.  He even managed his first style without being lifted over.

Room for improvement, but he is getting there!

A write-up when I have finally finished the Dartmoor posts.