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March 16, 2011

Adidas Men’s Terrex Seamless Trail Running Shoes

by backpackingbongos

For me there is something pleasantly old school about the name Adidas, bringing back images of the retro trainers of my youth.  They sometimes reissue their retro models, perfect for knocking around at work,  although perhaps not what you would choose for the hills.  I did not even realise that they did outdoor footwear until Robin mentioned on his blog that he had purchased a pair of Adidas Terrex Fast X FM Mid GTX boots.  Despite sounding like a dodgy radio station they looked to be pretty good.  Therefore I was pretty keen to test their running shoe counterpart, the Adidas Terrex seamless trail running shoe (another mouthful of a name) from Webtogs.

Now I have to admit that I have sat on the fence for a long time on the debate of whether running shoes are suitable for walking hills and mountains.  Some people swear by them whilst others are vehemently against them.  I have hill walked in Inov-8’s a couple of times and thought they were ok, but ended up wearing them out walking to and from work instead.  Time to give running shoes another go in the wet and boggy hills.

It is good to see that the Terrex has the usual Adidas three stripes down the sides, made of a rubbery plastic.  The blurb from the manufacturer says that they feature a seamless upper, this basically means that there is no stitching.  How this will affect their long-term durability I don’t know, lets just hope that the welding / gluing is up for the job.  The main thing I noticed was the speed lacing, something that I was not overly keen on when I first got them, preferring good old-fashioned laces.  However they work really well enabling me to get a good snug fit and the toggle has not slipped in use yet.  The toggle tucks away nicely under the lace bungee.  The sole is a sticky rubber, being much shallower than say an Inov-8 shoe, I initially thought that this would be an issue, more about their grip in a bit.

The Terrex are on the narrow side which suits my feet perfectly.  I struggle to find footwear that does not feel like I am wearing oversized wellies.  Although narrow they do give room for my toes to wiggle a bit.  The heel cup is pretty firm and although low grips my heel well.  The inner has a small amount of light padding throughout making them instantly comfortable, but would this make them like a sponge in the wet?

The Terrex have been on my feet for four-day walks over the last month, three on Dartmoor and one on the Dark Peak.  Being February / March this means only one thing, boggy!  The walks ranged from 8 to 11 miles.  Compared to say an Inov-8 they are fairly well cushioned under foot, although to start with they felt a little too firm under my heel.  You can still feel stones etc on tracks but with a nice spring to your step.  The padded upper with a tough outer means that you do not feel a breeze like you do with other running shoes.  This made them nice and warm for mild winter days.  They are definitely not waterproof, although they do shrug off water unless they are submerged for more than a couple of seconds.  I wear then with Smartwool socks and when they first let water in it is unpleasantly cold, however your feet soon warm up again (unless sloshing though bogs for a couple of hours!).

The photos below were taken whilst walking the Derwent moors in the Peak District.  The conditions under foot being tracks, muddy paths and open waterlogged moorland.  They were comfy and cushioned on the track and gave good grip on the wet clay like mud ascending Abney Clough.  My feet only got a little damp sloshing through the muddy puddles.  However once on the wet exposed moors my feet were wet in seconds and were cold until back on dry grass where they warmed up again.  Grip was good on the descent of a muddy bridleway.  I did feel that the grip was not particularly good when scrambling around on the wet rock of the Dartmoor Tors.  I would not feel confident wearing them on rocky mountains.

Whilst on Dartmoor I alternated them each day with my Salomon Fastpackers which were both filled with bog and water.  These would be almost completely dry two days later whilst the Salomons would be just as wet as when I had taken them off.  They are definitely going to be on my feet in the hills over the coming summer and I am going to have a go backpacking in them next month.  If they do well I may even consider them for the TGO challenge.

The weight for a pair of size 9’s is 730 grammes.

They can be purchased directly though Webtogs here, currently on sale for £56.25.

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