Back from the magical Isle of Rum

by backpackingbongos

It’s probably not possible to get jet lagged travelling by boat and train but that is how I feel at the moment.  I got back late this afternoon after a two day journey from the absolutely splendid Isle of Rum.  There were doubts yesterday that the ferry would be running as there was a gale raging over the island and white horses out to sea.  We were glad to see the Calmac ferry appear in Loch Scresort after being defeated by the weather on the way to Canna.  It was a bumpy journey back to Mallaig!

A week was spent on the island exploring its wild and rugged landscape with great company.  During a five day backpack we did not see another soul, just deer, goats, highland cows, ponies and a sea eagle.  Nights were spent in remote coastal bothies and I had what is probably my best ever wild camp.  I will do a full trip report over the coming week or so, in the meantime here are a couple of photos that to me capture a perfect moment in time.

Just after dawn on the first morning the rising sun lit up my tent and I rushed out to get a photo.  A perfect Hebridean welcome.

After a day of mist, wind and rain at Guirdil bothy the sun made an unexpected appearance in the evening.  A welcome interlude as a few hours later whilst laying in bed it sounded like the apocalypse had come to Rum.


10 Comments to “Back from the magical Isle of Rum”

  1. So you have had the wildest weather wild camp and now the best in a few months. What an adventures year you are having, Look forward to reading all about RUM.

  2. Looking forward to reading more! Love Rum.

  3. cool shots, look fwd to tales of Rum

  4. That first picture….unbelievable. Glad you had a good time, I’m now greatly anticipating the write up.

  5. That tent shots is MINT! 🙂 That could make you money that one! Look forward to your report

  6. This is a post I am really looking forward to. So now I expect you are all lean & mean & raring to go for the TGO Challenge then?

    Not long now…

  7. Hi James, what a taster or perhaps teaser would be a better description, I’m with Alan, looking forward to reading the trip reports.

    Really have to hand it to you, when it comes to off the beaten track you’re a master. Keep it up 🙂

  8. Martin the wild camp on Rum was a complete contrast to the one we had in the Howgills, an evening and night of perfection.

    Thanks Jamie, David, Northernfall and Terry, the first post will be up later this week.

    Alan I am raring to go on the TGO challenge although I am not sure that I am lean and mean. Just a few weeks………

    Hi Richard, I love seeking out the more remote spots, there are so many of them out there…………..

  9. This looks like a sweet trip! Looking forward to hearing more…

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