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April 8, 2011

Knee pain update

by backpackingbongos

I made a trip to a physio this morning to get a diagnosis for the knee pain that has been plaguing me over the past few weeks.  Basically he said that my leg muscles are too tight which means that they pull my knees out of their tracking, especially my quads and iliotibial band.  He then spent a while doing some rather unpleasant muscle massage that made me sweat and swear a lot.  I was then put in lots of uncomfortable positions to stretch those muscles.  I have been given a set of stretches to do every day to make me more supple and flexible and yoga has been recommended.  Apparently all my hiking and backpacking has meant that my legs have developed good strong muscles but I have no flexibility.  Anyway I will do as I have been told and see if it does the trick over the weeks leading up to the TGO challenge.  Fingers crossed eh?