Knee pain update

by backpackingbongos

I made a trip to a physio this morning to get a diagnosis for the knee pain that has been plaguing me over the past few weeks.  Basically he said that my leg muscles are too tight which means that they pull my knees out of their tracking, especially my quads and iliotibial band.  He then spent a while doing some rather unpleasant muscle massage that made me sweat and swear a lot.  I was then put in lots of uncomfortable positions to stretch those muscles.  I have been given a set of stretches to do every day to make me more supple and flexible and yoga has been recommended.  Apparently all my hiking and backpacking has meant that my legs have developed good strong muscles but I have no flexibility.  Anyway I will do as I have been told and see if it does the trick over the weeks leading up to the TGO challenge.  Fingers crossed eh?

14 Comments to “Knee pain update”

  1. Good luck with this James. My problem with my knees is getting better, but I have had so little time to go walking I have not had a good test since doing my exercises to sort out the problem !

  2. Best of luck. Hope it gets sorted, We’re all getting older ;o)

  3. Gotta stretch, dude. It’s the only way you’ll make it to your forties and beyond – and still hike. Good luck.

  4. You have my sympathy. I have spent the past several months going through the same thing with my foot, for probably the same reasons. I hope you make a speedy recovery

  5. Thanks Robin, unfortunately we don’t get any younger!

    Cheers tmso, my forties are creeping up on me with alarming speed. I suppose that I should start looking after my body if I still want to haul it over and through the mountains.

    Thanks John, I hope that you manage to get your foot sorted out. Have you gone to a physio for treatment?

  6. I suspect the knee pain I have is exactly what you have. Feels like someone jabbing a screwdriver in the back of my kneecap. It’s just no fun at all. Physical Therapist told me the same thing you were told. Legs too strong (believable since I was an avid biker) and kneecap tracking incorrectly. Prescribed a bunch of exercises, said yoga might help… etc. That was a year or 2 ago. I should start those exercises….

    • I have started the exercises Jay, if anything to avoid the pain that the physio created whilst trying to sort things out! I suppose that the difficult thing will be keeping it up.

  7. James
    Very best of luck with your prep for the TGO. I had exactly this problem when I just did backpacking – cycling helped and taking fish oil and Glucosamine in pure form high doses – now 20 years after it started my knees are perfect and even BUPA have taken them off my list of things not covered. Keep positive – which I think is what you told me – good advice and keep the great blog rolling.

    • Thanks Warren, I will try and keep positive and taking my Glucosamine and fish oil. Just have to remember to do my stretches daily as well!

  8. It’s brilliant that you have got some progress on your knee.

    Something you might want to consider is Bowen technique. I have a frightening history of back problems and the difference Bowen makes to my flexibility is nothing short of amazing. I use a brilliant bloke who has a base in Derby, not a million miles away from you. Email me if you want more details.

    • Thanks Steve. I have not heard of the Bowen technique, it is something that I will have to look up and see if it is something that could be of benefit to me.

  9. Great news! That’s wonderful, all you need to do is stretch and it’ll be sorted. So much better than being told that your knee joints are knackered.

  10. Fingers crossed that he was right Pete and stretches everyday will sort me out. Just been pulling my moves on the living room floor after a hot bath before bed. Going to test my knees on a backpack this weekend in the Dales, will attempt a 15 mile day on Sat with a bail out option if all too much.

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