I got ‘freshly pressed’

by backpackingbongos

Last night I noticed something odd was going on with my blog.  My stats started going through the roof, loads of people started to subscribe to the blog and there was a huge interest in my most recent Rum slackpacking post.  To be honest I thought that something had broken!  Some of the comments that I was getting were saying, ‘congratulations on getting freshly pressed’ and I have to admit to not having a clue what that meant.  I did a google search and it turns out that the WordPress team hand-pick ten blogs each day to put on the WordPress.com website.  Yesterday I was one of the chosen ones.  Having a scoot through some forums it appears that this is a big deal and a great way of getting a blog seen by a large amount of people.  In the last eighteen hours I have had well over two thousand page views with loads of new visitors signing up for updates via email.  I am sure that in a couple of days my stats will be back to their usual steady amount.  In the meantime I would like to say a quick hi to my new visitors.

Finally two years after starting my ramblings I have today crossed the 100,000 page view barrier.  I know it’s not about the numbers but it is nice anyway.

My usual backpacking / slackpacking waffle will resume shortly.

7 Comments to “I got ‘freshly pressed’”

  1. It’s amazing how much traffic it drives to the blog. It has happened to me twice since December, on both occasions the numbers were in line what what you’re seeing. Like you, I was oblivious to it prior to my comment count going through the roof.

  2. Did you manage to hold on to a few readers that got through to your blog via freshly presses Fraser? My stats have been simply mad this weekend, 4000 hits and counting. I am sure though that come next week they will be down to what they usually are.

  3. excellent stuff James……we are not worthy!


  4. Ah! Freshly-squeezed bongo-juice, it’s a heady brew! Good work, James.

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