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April 14, 2011

A knee testing backpacking jaunt

by backpackingbongos

All being well I am off tomorrow for a quick backpacking jaunt to the Yorkshire Dales.  It has suddenly occurred to me that the TGO challenge is now less than a month away and I am a rather unfit and unhealthy backpacker!  My knee has slowly been improving since the trip to Rum and I want to test it out over a few miles with a pack on my back.  A short 7 or 8 miles tomorrow after the journey up to get the body working again.  On Saturday I have got a 14 to 15 mile day planned, the average length of my challenge days.  I need to get used to that sort of distance pretty quickly.  Sunday is my birthday and not wanting to be billy no mates on the day I will just do a few miles so I can get home for some pampering (Corrina if you are reading this?).

Anyway the spare room is a chaos of strewn about gear (just discovered my down slippers have gone mouldy after Rum) and the dog is eager for his walk.

Have a good weekend folks, hope that you manage to hit the hills yourselves.