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April 27, 2011

A date with Donald, Graham and Corbett in the Southern Uplands

by backpackingbongos

No I have not joined a dating service for backpackers and hill walkers attracted to men with Scottish sounding names.

After staying at home over last weekends Bank holiday I am going to take advantage of five whole days off in a row this coming weekend.  I thought that it would be good to get reacquainted with the hills just north of the Border, somewhere to hopefully escape the Bank holiday crowds.  I have to admit to being a bit of a fan of hill lists and will take the opportunity to visit a few new hills and visit some favourites.  The blog title refers to some of my nerdy lists.

It will be my last outing before the impending TGO challenge, a chance to stretch my legs and make sure that I am happy with the gear that I plan to take.  The only thing that I am unsure about gear wise on the challenge is footwear.  I have decided that my Adidas Terrex will not be coming as they made my heel sore on the recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales.  This weekend I am going to see how I get on with my pair of Inov-8 Flyroc 310’s over 4 days on pathless terrain.  If they do well they will be my footwear of choice for the two week crossing.  If not I will be taking my old, battered but very comfy pair of Salomon Fastpackers on the challenge.  They leak like a sieve and take an age to dry once wet but they have never caused a blister or aching feet.

The weather forecast at the moment is showing that it is going to be sunny in Southern Scotland this weekend but potentially very windy, especially on the summits.  This is a shame because I had planned some high level camps, however it should be easy to drop down into remote valleys to pitch.  Lets hope that my knee problems don’t return once I have a pack on my back and some hills to climb.

All going well I should be meeting up with Dougal the chocolate lab and his owners Pete and Fiona on Saturday morning.  Sadly my hound Reuben will be left at home as I don’t think I am ready yet to share a tiny tent with him for three nights in a row!  Then there is four days of dog food to carry and the stuff that comes out of the other end……….

Anyway enough whittering, I need to start packing if I am to leave in the morning.