Music on the TGO challenge

by backpackingbongos

I have recently started to listen to music when I am walking on my own.  Not all the time but there is nothing better to have something to hum along to when pounding out those miles on dull forestry tracks or minor roads.  On a long backpack there are often low moments when everything all looks a bit glum and you start dreaming of the comforts of home.  For me nothing lifts the mood better than a quick blast of a favourite tune (other than the sun coming out on a rainy day).

I will be taking my iPhone with me on the challenge but usually have it turned off to conserve the battery.  For music I have dug out an ancient Creative Zen mp3 player, a tiny little thing that runs off a single AAA battery.  Unfortunately it only has a capacity of 1gb which is tiny these days.  Therefore I have spent this morning re-ripping some of my cd’s to a lower bitrate in an effort to cram more albums on.  Here are the artists that made the cut.  I am sure that after 2 weeks in their company I will be pretty bored with them!

10 Responses to “Music on the TGO challenge”

  1. I tend to listen to film scores when I am walking. I don’t know what it is, but I prefer scores to recording artists’ music/songs. My favourites that I seem never to get bored of are Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings scores. Also, though less often, I stick on the Last Samurai and Batman Begins (Hans Zimmer), Firefly (Greg Edmondson) and Gladiator (Bruce Fowler). When I am under cover at night, I like a bit of AC/DC…

  2. Nice choices. I’ve seen Willard Grant conspiracy a couple of times, including once in Leeds where I ended up in the same B&B. Yorkston is good too.

  3. Hi Maz, film scores are not my cup of tea but I can see the attraction when out walking. They must provide a great backdrop to the scenery as it moves along and changes, adding a bit of drama.

    Thanks Chris, Willard Grant conspiracy are awesome live, big voice on a big man!

  4. Apart from Johnny Flynn i have never heard of any of them. Something i shall have a listen to on a wet winters evening. Thanks.

  5. I’ve just stuck on a selection of Johnny Flynn (thanks to the miricle that is Spotify). It’s just the kind of stuff I’ve been looking for more of. I’ll be listening through that list over the next few days I think.

    I can reccomend Eric Bibb as a good listen. He’s a bit more blusey than folkey, but bloody fantastic.

  6. Spotify is great isn’t it? I will have to check out Eric Bibb tomorrow after work (if on Spotify!).


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