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May 9, 2011

Tweeting my way across Scotland

by backpackingbongos

I had thought about trying some live blogging on this years TGO challenge.  However the reality of attempting to write a post and then actually sending the thing via my iPhone put me off.  Laying knackered in my tent there are things I would rather be doing, for example just laying there or sleeping.  Therefore I am going to try something new in the world of Backpackingbongos.  At the end of last week I set up a Twitter account.  I am still not sure what the true purpose of Twitter is but I will continue for a while.

Whilst crossing Scotland I will be tweeting my progress, maybe even adding photos every now and then.  There will be exciting messages such as, “Just got lost in a forest where my shoe was stolen by a smelly bog” or “I’m hungry and my feet hurt” with blurry photos of a mist enveloped hillside.  You can follow my escapades by clicking the ‘Backpackingbongos on Twitter’ widget to the right or even by clicking here.

It will be very exciting.  Honest!