Tweeting my way across Scotland

by backpackingbongos

I had thought about trying some live blogging on this years TGO challenge.  However the reality of attempting to write a post and then actually sending the thing via my iPhone put me off.  Laying knackered in my tent there are things I would rather be doing, for example just laying there or sleeping.  Therefore I am going to try something new in the world of Backpackingbongos.  At the end of last week I set up a Twitter account.  I am still not sure what the true purpose of Twitter is but I will continue for a while.

Whilst crossing Scotland I will be tweeting my progress, maybe even adding photos every now and then.  There will be exciting messages such as, “Just got lost in a forest where my shoe was stolen by a smelly bog” or “I’m hungry and my feet hurt” with blurry photos of a mist enveloped hillside.  You can follow my escapades by clicking the ‘Backpackingbongos on Twitter’ widget to the right or even by clicking here.

It will be very exciting.  Honest!


8 Comments to “Tweeting my way across Scotland”

  1. James, not sure about Twitter myself in the world of blogging, but might be useful when you are on the go. I would be interested to see how you get on. Would I need to set up a Twitter account myself to view your tweets ?

  2. Sorry James, I meant to say would I need to set up a Twitter account to comment on your tweets ? !!

  3. Twitter is essentially a micro blogging tool. And as a ‘tool’ makes for great fun following others when they’re out and about.
    On occasion I’ve enjoyed some good conversations with folk via Twitter when out on camps! 🙂

    Not everyones cup of tea admittedly – I for one was indifferent to it intially after blogger UKMASE encouraged me to take it up. Now I’m a regular user when out and about on the hills.

    If you don’t fancy tweeting – don’t tweet. I just switch my phone off 😉

    Watch ya phone bill though, James. Pics and numerous texts to Twitter soon add up! 😦

  4. OH! And good luck – I’ll be following, mate! 🙂

  5. Tweet like mad and share the joy. I have you marked down to track your progress. Following others as well. All good fun. Twitter is great and part of connecting with folks to bring the outdoors indoors.

  6. “bring the outdoors indoors” LOL Like that Martin – you need to copyright that and flog it 😉

  7. Mark, I think that if you wanted to comment on my tweets you would need to set up your own twitter account, unless anyone knows otherwise?

    Never thought about the cost of messages Terry. Will I still get charged even though I am using a Twitter app on my iPhone? I will chat to you via it from a wild camp on the challenge then mate, if I can get a signal.

    Cheers Martin, do you know of other people tweeting on the challenge appart from Phil Turner?

  8. Using the app just uses ‘data’ as per your bundle on contract mate. To be fair, the app don’t use much data at all. You should be fine.

    Pictures however, may vary depending on the size of the file.

    I don’t use an app – stuck on an old Symbian model. So, I use the ‘text service’ from Twitter. There’s no charge from them, but there is from my carrier as in once I hit my text bundle limit or send pics – I get charged.

    If 3G signal is strong enough, I’ll just log in online and tweet from there (a la your app). So, it’s a mixed bunch for me.

    Oh and if it helps – I always get screamed at to send pics in….something you may want to consider.

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