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May 10, 2011

My TGO Challenge kit list

by backpackingbongos

Well I suppose that this is where I should put up a nicely designed spreadsheet showing all the kit that I will be taking, alongside a list of weights and stuff.  To be honest I can’t really be bothered.  Instead all my kit is sitting in a heap on the spare bedroom floor, looking slightly larger than the rucksack it is meant to fit in.  So here is a rough list of the main stuff that I will be hauling from one side of the Highlands to the other.

Clothes worn

– Terra Pack pants (very lightweight, fast drying and a good comfy fit)

– Smartwool baselayer (The best baselayer I have ever owned. Comfy, pong free and in a nice shade of yellow!)

– Rab Micro fleece (very lightweight and dries fast)

– X socks Trekking silver (On test from webtogs, meant to be anti-pong)

– M&S Ultra fit active long trunks (Come down to mid-thigh so stops chaffing)

– Inov-8 Flyroc 310’s (They served me well on the Southern Uplands 4 day backpack, only concern is that the inner heel section is just beginning to show signs of wear.  If they deteriorate I will seek replacements in Aviemore)

Clothes carried

– Spare smartwool baselayer (For when the other is in the wash, or when being civilised in the pub)

– Montane featherlight pants (A very lightweight pair of pertex trousers, for when my main ones are being washed or as a spare for camp. The only downside is they look like half a shell suit from the 1980’s!)

– 2x M&S Ultra fit active long trunks (To prevent chaffing I prefer to keep myself clean down there.  Two days max for each pair of undies!)

– 3 pairs of socks – mix of smartwool and xsocks (Three pairs is probably overkill, probably manage with two but I do like to keep one pair for wearing in bed only)

– M&S lightweight thermal leggings (Nice to change into before slipping into my sleeping bag, also helps to keep it clean)

– Rab Cirrus windproof top (Brilliant to pull on when the wind is biting through my fleece and don’t want to wear my waterproof)

– Rab Generator smock (Lightweight warmth, don’t need to worry about dampness as much as a down jacket)

– Cheapo hat and gloves plus smartwool buff


– Rab Demand pull-on (Water beads off this lightweight beauty, love its simplicity)

– Rab Drillium pants (Not yet worn as a recent birthday present, received impressive reviews though)

– Short sealskinz socks (Hopefully will not be worn but just incase I start developing trench foot.  Nice to wear in my shoes around camp)

– Integral Designs event shortie gaiters (To keep the muck out)

Camping, sleeping and cooking

– Scarp1 tent (Not the lightest but I love the two porches and the internal space.  Bomb-proof in the wind, lets hope it is waterproof now!)

– PHD Hispar 500 sleeping bag (I look forward to a cosy nights sleep, may be a bit warm but not yet time to crack out my summer bag)

– Thermarest Neoair regular (I still rate this mattress, for me a full length mat is essential for a comfy nights sleep)

– Exped air pillow (The best lightweight pillow I have found, weighs next to nothing)

– Caldera cone with Tibetan Titanium 1100 pan in homemade cosy (I love the caldera’s simplicity and it is a good choice for when it is windy, the protective cover doubles as a mug saving a bit of space and weight in the pack.  My homemade pot cozy means that I do not have to simmer, just boil and let cook in the cozy)

– 500ml meths in a Trangia fuel bottle (500ml of meths lasts me about 4 nights with lots of hot drinks.  The Trangia bottle is a little heavy but spill proof and tough)


– ULA Catalyst (I really need to get around to doing a review of this pack which I have been using for two years now.  It is simply the best pack I have ever used.  Not the lightest out there but I do like a full internal frame.  It is just about big enough for a backpack of this length)

Odds and Sods

– Homemade first aid kit

– Washkit, i.e toothbrush, wet wipes, foot cream, anti-chaffing gel, suncream

– Biox aqua water purification

– Book (One of the joys of wild camping is laying in a tent whilst the rain pours down with a good book, on this trip I will be reading Call of the Wild)

– MP3 player (Again not essential but nice to have)

– iPhone

– Spot2 messenger (keeps my partner happy knowing when I have reached my destination for the night)

– Maps for the whole crossing (3 Ordnance survey 1:50,000 plus my own print outs on waterproof paper)

– Platypus 1lt with a Platypus 4ltr bag for the evening (The four litre bag is probably overkill but means I can camp far away from water sources. Also means once in my tent I don’t have to venture out for more water)

– Panasonic Lumix LX3 camera

– Petzl Tikka XP2 Head Torch

– Microfibre towel and small amount of shower gel

– Pacerpoles carbon (I would probably fall over even more frequently if I was not using these whilst backpacking, heavy but worth it for the stress they take off my knackered knees)

I have probably missed off a few items but you should get the general gist of what I am taking.  I have no idea how much my pack will weigh, probably more than I would like.  Is there anything that could be left behind?  Maybe a pair of socks, the book, the 4ltr water bag, a few toiletries and the Spot2, is a towel necessary?.  All in all maybe 1/2 to 1 kg could be shed off the weight.  However I want to take these things so I will!  I am sure that the ultralightweight brigade will pour scorn!  Tomorrow I will pack, add four days food and stand on my bathroom scales to see what the total weight is.