A trio of bloggers head for the hills

by backpackingbongos

My pack is sitting here ready to go, inov8’s patiently by the front door.  I’m meeting up with fellow bloggers Martin and Terry tomorrow.  The rendezvous point in the evening is a tarn at 650 metres, nestled below the summit of a cracking hill.  A good yomp on Saturday hopefully followed by a high level camp in the evening, weather permitting.  Talking of weather there is a threat of thunderstorms, my least favourite type of weather possible when on the hills.  I have had a couple of very near misses in the past, one time actually being ‘in’ the thunder-cloud.  I therefore get a tad nervous when the rumbling starts.  However Terry has kindly agreed to strap his hiking poles to his head and act as my personal lightning conductor, which is rather sporting of him!

I fear that the write up of this trip may be a long time coming, two more TGO Challenge posts and one of last weekends trip to the Peak District first.  A spot of reviewing for Webtogs as well.  I will try to post a couple of pics on Twitter though as we go along.


12 Comments to “A trio of bloggers head for the hills”

  1. It will be fine. Weather is always a risk. I will see you at the tarn tomorrow night.

  2. Enjoy the trip – look forward to the post. I’m heading out to the Berwyns on Sunday with a few friends while the wife and kids are away. One of my mates is spreading a message of weather doom & gloom so I’m hoping he’s wrong.

    • Thanks. Hope you had a good day today and that the weather did not come in too quickly (this morning was lovely in the Howgills).

  3. Chaps, have a fantastic time – seriously jealous it has to be said!

  4. Have a nice trip. As a teenager I also once was in the thunder-cloud during an orienteering competition – it really was a weird experience.

    I think it is a very positive problem you have – so many outings, so little time to write about them 😉

    • Noty a pleasant experience Maria, although pretty impressive. Yep a good problem, getting outside is more important than the blogging. I will catch up eventually.

  5. Have a good one James. Say Hi to Martin and Terry for me.

  6. Just saw this post in my feeds – there was no required service of myself to act as a lightning rod in the end 😉 Weather was just as I hoped and better. Cracking trip in great company. Speak soon James. Was a pleasure meeting you

    • I was looking forward to you strapping poles to your head Terry like some weird stagg. A great trip ineed, really enjoyed the weekend. Catch up soon.

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