Three bloggers find wild camping perfection

by backpackingbongos

“What do you think the temperature is?” asked Martin.  I checked the thermometer on my watch which had been left inside my tent, it was 3 degrees celsius.  The sun had not even dipped below the horizon and it was the second week in June.  So much for summer!

I had met up with Martin from Summit and Valley and Terry from terrybnd for a backpack around Wildboar Fell and the Howgills.  We were standing outside our tents high up on a shelf that cradles Sand Tarn, just below the summit of Wild Boar Fell.  The sun was sinking behind the Lake District, putting on a display that seemed to be designed just for us.  It was a perfect moment shared by great company.

A proper write-up will follow when I finally get round to finishing my TGO challenge posts.

Cheers guys for a cracking weekend.

15 Responses to “Three bloggers find wild camping perfection”

  1. Looks awesome… Nice to see some more pleasant weather after the incessant downpour I’ve at through today!

  2. Fantastic weather – certainly better than we’ve had down south recently! Great photos and glad you enjoyed the Howgills.

  3. Nice one James. Vid is great. Catch you soon.

  4. Perfect spot – pity winter has started early! Look forward to the full write up

  5. James
    I read an info board here in California a few days ago about ticks. One of the responses to ticks is a rash – then I thought about your TGO problems. Any chance that could be the source of your rash? You showed some amazing determination on the TGO – and good to see you back out on the hills. Np Bongos observed here, just houses on wheels- hate them!

  6. Good to meet you James. Told you it be a good route we did. Looking forward to reading your trip report from my phone on a wild camp in the coming days, mate 😉

  7. Brilliant pitch with an amazing sunset. I’m looking forward to the report.

  8. Thanks Celtic Ramber, the weather was pretty kind to us all in all, although a bit on the chilly side.

    Maz the Howgills are well worth a visit, all in all a great trip.

    Good to meet up with you Martin, really enjoyed the weekend. See you in a couple of weeks.

    Hi Surfnslide, yep it felt that winter had returned once the sun started its slide towards to horizon. May be a while for the write up, loads of posts to do first!

    Good to hear from you warren. The TGO challenge was most definitely a Challenge, tough going but really glad that i finished. i think that the rash was down to Hogweed, does not fit in with the rash from a tick bite. Shame no Bongos over there, I would imagine they are like tour buses instead?

    It was a pleasure to meet you Terry, cracking route. See you soon.

    Thanks Charlie, it was the sunset of the year!

  9. You certainly did. Looks lovely.

  10. James, last time I was up on Wild Boar Fell it was the winter a couple of year’s back with loads of snow but only just a bit colder than you had at 3 degrees ! Excellent area for walking.

  11. Indeed lovely it was Pete.

    Three degrees is a bit of a shock Mark when you are prepared for summer! A cracking area and one I will return to pretty soon I think.

  12. looks great James, there is nothing better than a great setting, great weather and great company 🙂


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