An afternoon with Terra Nova

by backpackingbongos

I have just spent a very agreeable afternoon with fellow bloggers Terry and Martin being shown Terra Nova’s new product range for 2012.  Some very technical fabrics were fondled extensively and we got an exclusive look at some new kit that has yet to be unveiled.  As you can see from the pic below it was a tent fanciers wet dream!

There were three products in particular that got me salivating extensively.  Unfortunately we have been sworn to secrecy until July 13th, the day before the Friedrichshafen outdoor show where they will be unveiled.  All I can say is that very soon the sort of products that currently can only be purchased through overseas ‘cottage’ manufacturers will be available through a mainstream UK company.  Some damn fine lightweight kit coming out.  There is one particular piece which may well see me trying my luck on the lottery, if you fancy buying it you should perhaps think about saving your pennies now!  All I can say is there is a real classic in a new material coming in at an astonishing weight…………..

There were a couple of tents on display that caught my eye that are available now, the main one being the Solar Photon 2.  A two person free-standing tent for under a kilo is pretty good in my eyes (although you would have to be on intimate terms with whoever you share it with!).  For one person it looks like lightweight luxury.  However next year it looks like something is coming along that is even better…….

On the budget end of the market the Wild Country Zephyros 1 is great value for money at around £100.  Very similar to the Laser Comp, it weighs in at 1.4kg and does not need the pole cover due to the seams being taped.  I wish that backpacking tents were this light and cheap when I first started wild camping.

Finally Terry shows the reason why he has such a strong female following on his blog……………

Cheers for the invite mate.

Some cracking stuff will be revealed on our blogs come July 13th, a minor blogging exclusive!


12 Responses to “An afternoon with Terra Nova”

  1. Hey you lucky bugger – how did you get that gig ?

  2. The many tent-acled Terra Nova… I had a long chat with their head of sales this morning, funnily enough… Looks like they’re sorting out some good tents; good to be able to buy top quality British tents you can trust,

  3. I was wondering the same thing – how do these in-crowd blogger things come about?. Have to be in, I guess.

  4. are they going to get rid of the pole hood on the Laser Comp?!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Hey Mark, got an invite to go along as Terry’s guest.

    How did that long chat go Pete? I hope that they will sort something out for you, not designed to go swimming in the sea.

    Not sure who the in-crowd bloggers are Geoff, don’t think I am one of them to be honest, if they exist.

    Now that is a good idea Dave, a very good idea. We can only hope that one day the dreaded pole hood will be gone!

  6. Hi James – just caught up with your postings – I’ve not been around much since the TGOC. Looking forward to your next installment.
    I like the Xsocks as well, especially the Trekking Light, which are slightly thicker than the Expeditions. I’ve found them all to be very durable. Strange that we both asked Webtogs for the same (cheap) product when asked what we would like to test next.
    I wonder whether one of those new TN tents will replace the Phreerunner. The Scarp looks pretty solid BTW, but those shoes – yuk – I certainly wouldn’t have fancied doing this year’s Challenge in leaky footwear!
    Have fun

  7. so then you corporate dharling you (i’m teasing J, looks like a fun day) – the question is…shld i be getting a scarp 2 for the winter season….or should i make do until ‘next year’


  8. Hi Martin, got a bit behind with my Challenge reports, next one coming soon (ish!). A proper Challenge eh? A good pair of socks are worth their weight in gold when on the hills day after day. The Scarp did me proud for those 2 weeks, bombproof in all that wind we had. The ‘leaky’ footwear I feel were the right decision, get wet feet quickly but they dry quick too!

    Dave it depends how much money you have to spend!

  9. Cuben cuben cuben!


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