Off into the wilds – just me and the dog

by backpackingbongos

The Bongo has told me that it is feeling neglected these days, not being used for its original purpose.  It’s always complaining when I drive for hundreds of miles and abandon it in a layby for a few days to go backpacking.  Effectively reducing it to a ‘very’ expensive mode of transport.

My backpacking urges at the moment are satisfied but my longing to visit wild places are unabated.  So this evening rather than loading the trusty Bongo with a single rucksack it has been filled with every conceivable luxury.  A comfy mattress with proper pillows, enough food to last a month and plenty to read if I feel like a fester.  Sometime after midnight I should hopefully arrive in a spot that is probably as remote as it is possible to get whilst still being on a public highway.  The wilds of North Eastern England and their rolling hills beckon.  Wild camping will effectively involve pulling into a picnic spot in a remote place.  Where only the odd vehicle will pass, no through traffic to disturb my peace.

Disturbing the peace will be the job of Reuben, out for his first ever overnighter.  If he passes the test on these three nights he will earn his right to come backpacking.  Hopefully he will be in doggie heaven!

5 Comments to “Off into the wilds – just me and the dog”

  1. I saw a couple of Bongos at the camp site last weekend and thought of you – wondering if you’d Bongo’ed recently. 😉

    Have fun, the three of you!

  2. Sounds like Bliss! I’m still waiting for a break in the work schedule to take The Puppy on her inaugural overnighter. I’ll be interested to see how you get on with Reuben. Will he be with you in the Bongo? Or will you be pitching a tent alongside?

  3. Thanks Sheila, do you get many Bongos at the campsite? Still not many of them on the roads.

    Hi Celtic Rambler. Reuben was a good boy over the weekend although the van is now covered in hairs and smells of dog! He also has no respect or is unable to distinguish between my bed and his bed, it seemed a bit crowded in the bongo!

  4. No. not many at all. Maybe just half a dozen during the summer season that I’m there.

  5. Living in Cornwall it feels like everyone drives a Bongo nowadays… I swear there are more Bongos down here than VW campers!

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